Concrete fences

Concrete fences STANDARD

betonový plot
standard version

Concrete fences EXCLUSIV

betonový plot
unique pore-free surface!!!

Advantages of our concrete fences against the competition

  • unique concrete, durability, quality
  • mulled equipment, not individual members
  • minimum pore newly Exclusive pore-free
  • ISO concrete, structural analysis and concrete mixer
  • process control
  • special chemistry, great flexibility and resistance to sunlight, rain and freezing temperatures
  • concrete fences nepřekupujeme themselves are manufactured to the highest quality

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News and pride of our company is production exclusive concrete fences unique technology , thanks to which we have achieved a smooth surface without pores. Thus, we became the only manufacturer of exclusive concrete fences .

Our concrete fences are manufactured to the highest quality and strength. Naturally, our concrete fencing material is backed ISO certified and manufactured according to . We make large range of concrete fences , which can be combined according to your discretion.