FCC BETON Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of FCC STAV Company Ltd., which deals with the construction of family houses and apartment buildings, earthworks carried heavy mechanization and operates automobile transport over 3.5 tons. Company FCC STAV Ltd. employs 28 staff and further develop. It works with the latest technology and investing in skills development for workers. More about FCC STAV »

FCC BETON Company Ltd. formed under the Companies FCC requirements LIGO and its customers to supply high quality concrete elements. Production, we have expanded the production concrete fence . Today, we rank among the largest manufacturers of concrete fences in the country. Of course there is the high quality and strength of concrete fences. Do all concrete elements we put fences welded steel gratings ctenoid, made ??according to CSN. We work with the largest supplier of concrete mixtures in the Slovak market (certified ISO).


Concrete Fences focus, manufacturing, transport and assemble.

We guarantee the lowest price for installation and service!

An absolute novelty is the production exclusive rollblock unique technologies, thanks to which we achieved a smooth surface without pores.